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  • stuck (stk) caught or fixed
  • muf·fin   (mŭf’ĭn) A small, cup-shaped quick bread, often sweetened.
  • The Miss Behind it all
    Name: Angela
    Korean Name: 안젤라
    Age: 25
    Status: In a Relationship
    Birthday: 9th of June, 1986
    Birth Place: Santa Monica, CA
    Ethnicity: Korean / Filipino
    Alumni: Adamson University
    Occupation: freelance model
    part-time writer and web designer.

    Addiction: Movies, Stuff Toys, & Gadgets
    … anything Pink.

    Stuck Muffin is my online nook and cranny where I share my love for fashion and style. On this site I re-blog fashionable outfits, designer shoes and nail art designs.

    Most of the pictures aren’t mine and belongs to their respective owner, unless stated. There might be some instances where I will be sharing a review based from my personal opinion and outcome of product testing. Links posted may or may not be sponsored and if it applies it will be paid for by their respective advertiser.

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    what keeps me busy…

    Interactive Design
    Photo Masking
    Photo Retouching