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Five Celebrity Fashion Styles that Everyone Can Mimic

Celebrities always seem so put together and have been a source of inspiration for my style wardrobe.  Quickly upon trying to emulate them, however, I realise that I do not have the same waistline as they do or the same body type that many of them have attained.  For that reason, I have found that I have to alter my look according to my body without giving up the celebrity inspiration.  Among my celebrity fashion inspirations, there are five fashion styles that everyone can mimic with a little guidance.  The following tips are what I have found helps me while style remembering my own body shape.

Spice It Up

One of the looks that I love to emulate is that of celebrity, and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.  Whether she is in the States or in the UK, her look transcends fashion.  With a statement making style, her slim lines and severity of style shine through.  Though, at least with my body type, not everyone is the same size as the waif star, everyone can still pull elements of her look.  Among Victoria’s style notes are her unique and exaggerated accessories.  My piece that makes me feel like Victoria is the large pair of sunglasses that she often dons.  This accessory can be utilised by every body type so pick out your favourite wear and get your Beckham on.

Potter Girl

We have seen Emma Watson go from little girl to a sophisticated young woman in front of our eyes.  Her style has equally evolved.  No longer is she a young girl struggling to find herself, but a woman who has grown into a sleek and tailored look.  As with Victoria, I do not have the lean body that this young starlet does.  However, I achieve the Watson look by making sure that I wear tailored clothing that fits close to my body without hugging it.  Also, as she does, I mimic her maxi dress style.  This leaves those of all body types’ two options in achieving this celebrity look.  Either tailor it or shorten it and you will find that you have the Watson look too!

Singing with Style

She may not be British, but Beyonce has become an international icon who has stormed onto the UK seen as much as in the States.  Her style, too, is a perfect one to mimic for those with a curvier and less stick figure body type.  The way to emulate Beyonce’s style is through recognising that curves are in style.  Like her, try tighter fitting and tailored dresses with plunging V’s.  These are perfect for nearly every body type because they do not run from imperfection but embrace uniqueness and grace.  A slicked back hair style can also look like the Beyonce of today as well.

Stylish Vocalist

Another American important to the UK list of style crushes is Katy Perry.  Once married to a Brit, Katy’s style is gorgeous and fun.  She is not afraid to take risks and mimicking her style affords you this opportunity, too!  When wanting to look like Katy, I reach for bright coloured pieces and flashy accessories.  Because her style is outrageous and unique, this style is not only easy to emulate but also fun to do.

Punk Rocker Style

Finally, a woman who is making a splash with her style internationally is Rihanna.  Her look is easy to emulate because it is all about attitude.  To pull her look off, I wear black pieces with shiny studded accessories.  I also choose to pop my lips with a red lipstick and pair my punk-driven outfit with a fierce attitude.  This makes Rihanna another one of the fun and easiest of the five fashion styles that everyone can mimic.

If you want to emulate a star but want to keep some of your own signature style check out the Tatty Devine necklace collection and see what you can find to complement your outfits. 

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