Caring For Your Wedding Ring

When you first slipped those beautiful rings on each other’s fingers, you probably weren’t giving much thought to ring maintenance. Now that some time has passed, however, you may have noticed that some of the sparkle and gleam are missing from the once pristine finish. Don’t worry, though, with a little bit of protective care, you can return your rings to their original beauty and then prevent your wedding rings from suffering any further damage.

Recognize the Threats to Your Rings
There are actually many situations which can lead to ring damage. Some of these situations you may have already recognized, while others might not have crossed your mind.

• A wide variety of sports can damage your ring. Gripping a tennis racket or baseball bat can put a large amount of pressure on your ring, while lifting weights or exposing your ring to the chemicals of a swimming pool may also harm your ring.
• The chores that you do around your yard can be particularly harmful to a wedding ring. The dirt and debris which can get lodged in your ring can loosen settings or chip the precious metals.
• Housekeeping exposes rings to many harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. If the soaps don’t leave buildup on the rings and stones, they may actually wear away the surface of your ring.
• Believe it or not, your employment can have a terrible effect on your ring. Heavy loads and machinery could lead to damage for your ring, or may create a dangerous situation for you if they catch on your ring.
• Every time you apply sunblock, lotion, or even perfume, you expose your ring to unwanted buildup or etching.
• Activities that make you cold will expose your ring to a different kind of danger. As your fingers become colder, they may shrink, allowing your ring to slip off and become lost.

Taking your ring off might be one of the best ways to keep your ring safely out of harm’s way in each of these situations, and others. Keep Your Ring Safe When You Remove It
Although taking your ring off is one of the best ways to protect it, it is also one of the best ways to lose it! Many new brides and grooms have discovered sorrowfully that they left their wedding ring lying on a nightstand during the honeymoon. Once left behind, it can be very difficult to recover those lost rings. In order to avoid this situation, choose one spot where you will always place your rings when you take them off and then make sure that you are meticulous when it comes to placing your rings there.

Plan Routine Visits to a Jeweler
If you can, try to get your wedding ring in to a jeweler once every six months. The jeweler will be able to check the settings around diamonds and other gems, preventing the loss of those stones. The jeweler will also clean your ring gently without scratching the surface and without accidently loosening the settings. Another service that your jeweler may provide is to tell you how you can appropriately clean your ring in between visits. Just be sure to follow those instructions carefully. With the appropriate attention, you and your rings should enjoy many happy years together. Merrily Wedding Rings, Türkiye ve Uluslararası pazarda alyans tek taş pırlanta, nişan yüzükleri en yeni modelleri ve çarpıcı fiyat etiketleri ile 2014’te de üretimden halka arza devam etmektedir.

Article courtesy of Shane Co.